How to stand out as a Brisbane buyers agent

Real estate agents are typically used to refer to real estate salespeople and other licensees who are obliged to work under and under the supervision of a designated broker. A real estate salesperson’s connection with the buyers and sellers they work with is clearly defined when the word “agent” is used in legal contexts.

An individual who has been given permission and authorization to act on behalf of another person is known as an agent. As a Brisbane buyers agent, you work to help clients purchase, sell, and rent real estate, houses, and other types of property.

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The Work of Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are accountable for a wide range of duties in addition to adhering to licensing requirements and having a thorough awareness of relevant real estate regulations. Typically, these agents do the following:

  • Guide buyers and sellers through the transaction
  • manage contact lists; mediate negotiations between buyers and sellers
  • prepare and submit all necessary paperwork, including mortgage applications
  • advise sellers on how to make their homes more appealing to buyers
  • compare properties to determine fair and competitive market prices
  • create lists of appropriate properties for buyers based on their price range and needs

Let’s examine a few factors that will enable you to accomplish your obligations while growing your Brisbane buyers agency job.

Increase Your Circle of Influence

A real estate sphere of influence (SOI) business model is one technique to create relationships and generate prospects. This networking technique focuses on creating real estate leads from acquaintances you already have, such as members of your family, friends, classmates, colleagues, sports team, and even service providers (e.g., your doctor and hairstylist). The most effective approach to keeping track of all the names and contact details is in one location, such as a spreadsheet tool (like Excel), your email contacts database, or by utilizing specialized software.

Circle of Influence

Once your SOI database is set up, it will be simple to add contacts when you meet individuals at community activities, via common friends, or in other situations. Your SOI will be greater and your chances of receiving a recommendation will be higher as your list grows. When you first start your profession, consider sending out a “new Brisbane buyers agent” announcement by mail, phone, email, text, or any other combination appropriate for each kind of contact, as well as regular updates and shout-outs to keep your SOI aware of you and your real estate services.

Establish a Professional Presence

Your success as a Brisbane buyers agent depends on your ability to establish and maintain a professional presence.  Appearance: neat dress, neat hair, neat accessories, and suitable cosmetics for your workplace and the neighborhood market. 

Avoid wearing exposing clothes and cologne (i.e., nothing too tight, too short, or too low-cut). Males should also wear professional, but not too formal, attire. Avoid wearing jewelry and headgear, although a beautiful watch is OK.

Face-to-face encounters: Good body language and eye contact. Be mindful, interesting, and respectful. Marketing and advertising materials should have eye-catching images and precise, appealing content that is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

When speaking on the phone, be polite and articulate. Online presence: A well-planned website and active social media accounts that are free of grammatical and typographical mistakes.

Written communications: Correctly written letters, emails, and messages without typos or other errors.

It is crucial to remember that whatever online presence you have, whether it be personal or professional, lasts forever and may easily be found by your prospective customers. As a result, it is wise to strive for a professional image both within and outside of your real estate job.

Utilize technology and tools

Using tools and technology and projecting a professional image go hand in hand. The following tools are available to agents today to aid in managing and promoting their real estate businesses:

Contact Administration

It’s crucial to keep track of your customers. You have two options: you can start off simple by using a spreadsheet program or an email database program like the one in Outlook, or you can spend money on database software made especially for Brisbane buyers agency. A variety of practical functions are included in commercial models, such as automatic contact syncing with your smartphone. No matter how you manage your contacts, maintain the list up to date by updating, adding, and removing people as necessary.

Have a website

As a Brisbane buyers agent, think about creating your own website and domain. Although it can appear difficult, creating a website that looks professional is simpler than ever. The creation and upkeep of websites for large organizations may cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, but you may do it for a very affordable price.

A website gives you a landing page to point your current and future customers to while also establishing a credible, searchable online presence. Additionally, you may create websites for specific properties to advertise your listings and satisfy your sellers. Linking to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages can also help you benefit from social media (and any other social media platforms).


You may organize your marketing efforts with the aid of Brisbane buyers agent marketing software. To help you effectively reach out to current and future customers, these packages often contain templates for business cards, door hangers, postcards, property flyers, brochures, email campaigns, and animated house tours.


There are several software programs (also known as apps) for iOS and Android-based devices that may keep you linked when you’re away from the workplace. You may manage an open house on your iPad, follow up with leads, build listing pages, and export gathered data to Excel or other applications, for instance, using The Open Home Pro.

Final thoughts

The obstacles of being a Brisbane buyers agent include not being paid until you close a deal, working long hours without receiving payment, and having to adjust to shifting market circumstances. Nevertheless, it may be a financially and professionally rewarding occupation. You may develop a successful real estate career by using your network, presenting a professional image as a Brisbane buyers agent, and making use of the tools and technologies available today.

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