How to kick-start your Brisbane’s buyers agency

Important advice on how to manage your day, create leads, prepare a business plan, set up your finances, or identify a mentor are often omitted from pre-licensing curriculum for newly licensed Brisbane buyers agent. However, using these suggestions coupled with tools and guidance for sales and marketing might be the difference between a professional development spurt and an early plateau. We compiled 11 Brisbane buyers agent advice for new agents—from choosing the finest firm to fundamental marketing best practices—to make sure you get off to the proper start and stay there.

Brisbane’s buyers

1. Pick a Reputable Real Estate Brokerage

Choosing your real estate agency is one of the first and most crucial choices you make as a new Brisbane buyers agency. The fact is that there are real estate firms that are appropriate for you and others that are not. In fact, a lack of training and assistance during an agent’s first one to two years in the business is one of the most frequent causes of failure.

Plan interviews at several real estate brokerages to ensure that you are successful right away. Remember that these interviews are just as crucial for you, if not more so, than answering questions and bringing your real estate CV. Make sure you inquire specifically about the brokerage and thoroughly consider your demands and objectives for your new employment.

The ideal real estate brokerage or firm will be situated in the city or town you like to serve, will cater to the market or specialty you are interested in, and will provide beneficial mentorships and training. One of the finest pieces of advice for brand-new Brisbane buyers agents is to pay close attention to the training, resources, and tools provided by your first firm. You may change real estate companies at any time, but you only get to start your real estate career once, so be sure you have all you need to do so right away.

2. Look for more training opportunities.

training opportunities

There is always coursework involved in becoming a Brisbane buyers agency, but don’t believe that the necessary schooling will provide you fresh Brisbane buyers agent tips. You will need training that is expressly focused on beginning, operating, and expanding a company as a real estate salesperson after earning your real estate license.

Although most real estate brokerages provide some kind of education, many are not concerned with preparing new agents for successful careers. If a brokerage or business does not provide the resources or assistance you need, you will have to look for education on your own. You may also work with a mentor or a real estate coach, sign up for memberships, or study real estate books as other ways to acquire fresh Brisbane buyer’s agent ideas.

The career center on Real Estate Express offers a variety of free tools and articles in addition to certain organized training programs or coaching. Find out how to manage transactions, market to real estate leads, expand your social media following, and complete house renovations. Additionally, Real Estate Express offers a huge selection of professional development and continuing education (CE) courses that you may buy at any time. With classes like “Millennials in Real Estate” and “Niche Marketing for Real Estate,” its course subjects are very pertinent to new and contemporary Brisbane buyers agents.

3. Create a schedule and follow it.

You would wake up every morning, open the doors, and make sure the company was prepared for customers whether you worked in a corporate office or operated a retail store. Since there is no “open” sign or line of clients waiting for the doors to open in real estate, you must still set up a timetable and leave the house in order to do business.

New Brisbane buyers agents need to be aware that if you don’t start by setting up a timetable, you’ll surely end up working too much but not necessarily making too much money. Flexibility is one of the advantages of working in real estate, but it also means that you can get calls from prospective clients late at night or showing requests early in the morning. Your schedule will inevitably fill up, but a full schedule does not equal a successful, expanding company.

You’ll be able to do the key income-producing tasks—which new agents sometimes overlook—by making and adhering to a timetable. Create time blocks each week, for instance, to devote to activities like moving through the training materials, following up with leads, planning the week’s social media content, and writing and distributing real estate newsletters.


One of the most crucial advice for new Brisbane buyers agents is to plan and follow a timetable since it will immediately affect your capacity to assist customers and attract new ones. Unfortunately, a lot of seasoned real estate brokers spend years battling an unmanageable schedule that keeps them from making the money they deserve and from really enjoying their jobs.

4. Spend money on marketing supplies

As soon as you have your Brisbane buyers agent license, let everyone know. You’ll service customers and get payment sooner if you start promoting right away. Create and order real estate business cards, get a professional realtor headshot, create social media pages, write your real estate bio, write an automated welcome email to send to new leads, and set up your Zillow agent profile to begin assembling the fundamental and most crucial marketing materials.

However, keep in mind that you don’t have to do every marketing work right away. You won’t be working with real estate customers if you spend days or weeks developing a website or an audience since marketing is a full-time profession. Instead, make sure you have a clear list of your top goals to prevent becoming distracted by work that isn’t the most beneficial to your company. If you’re having trouble defining the most crucial duties for your brand-new real estate company, consider asking your mentor, coach, or coworkers for assistance.

Not doing everything yourself is a crucial piece of advice for new Brisbane buyers agents. Even if you may not have the funds to do so on your first day as an agent, keep in mind that outsourcing is often the most practical and economical approach to expand your company.

You may begin by hiring a professional or assistant to do some responsibilities, or you could buy marketing and management software like Market Leader or HubSpot. For a variety of crucial duties, such as monitoring lead follow-ups, sending direct mail, or scheduling emails, the appropriate tools may provide you a full system.

For instance, agents or brokers often lack a lot of knowledge in the field of real estate branding. Instead of trying various blue hues at your computer desk for weeks on end, look for a branding expert on Fiverr, a freelancing marketplace. You can easily discover hundreds of branding experts that provide reasonable services and packages to assist you in getting a professional logo, color scheme, website design, and even social media templates by doing a short internet search. Start looking on Fiverr right now.

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